Oriole Park (IV)

Baltimore, MD

Team: Baltimore Orioles (AL 1901-02) Opening Day: April 26, 1901
Closing Day: September 29, 1902 AKA: American League Park

The outfield fence met the outfield at an obtuse angel, like Ebbets Field. This park was the first home of the New York Yankees. After 1902, the American League Orioles moved the New York and would become the Bronx Bombers. After the American League Orioles left, the AAA International League Orioles moved in. This park was located right across the street from Oriole Park (V), home of the Federal League Terrapins. While the Terrapins were in town, most people forgot about the Orioles. Only 200 people were in attendance to see the professional debut of George Herman "Babe" Ruth. Later that year he was sold to Boston and the Orioles moved to Richmond.

This was also the site of Oriole Park (II), home to the Baltimore Orioles of the American Association from 1890 to 1891.

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